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Quinta da Barra | Residencial Block

Between the beach and the Ria of Aveiro, in the already well-known “Quinta da Barra”, stands another “Estrela da Barra VIII” building, whose quality of materials sign with distinction all the construction and are an indisputable presence that marks the difference. This, just like other buildings of the Vasconcelos & Loureiro Group, which have become symbols of quality and exclusivity for their location and which, taking prominent positions, marks the image of the city.


To live here is to have the privilege of living in a space that is the affirmation of a commitment between contemporary design elegance, efficiency and sophistication. It's privileged location, with good access to the highway, allows you to enjoy time to the fullest, cohabiting harmoniously with the tranquility of the gardens, the beach and the Ria and the effervescence of commercial spaces.


Barra beach is characterized by its landscape framing towards the lighthouse “Farol da Barra” (the highest in Portugal and the second highest in Europe, with 62 meters high and 66 meters above the sea level), the magnificent golden sand, the quality of its waters and its summer vitality.


1, 2, 3-bedroom and 3-bedroom+duplex apartments

ARCHITECTURE: Arq.ª  Paula Albuquerque

ENGINEERING: Engº Márcio Santos  

DESIGN: Gilberto Duarte.

2016, October

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