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Evergreen | Phase II

Evergreen arises from the growing need to, every day, give more and more importance to environmental issues, that is, to live in total comfort, inside the housing, at low cost and also reducing the environmental impact. The name Evergreen is also associated with the construction of timeless houses, whose architecture is always contemporary. To this end, there is the contribution of the natural stone, applied to the façade and interior of the dwellings, which gives them a modern and always up-to-date style.


The Evergreen development offers a set of 3-bedroom+1 houses, designed to satisfy all the wishes and needs of your family. The interiors are guided by the quality of the materials and the excellence of the finishes. In all divisions recognized brands and innovative equipment are outlined. All with a touch of perfectionism that defines this project.


Rua do Brejo

Aradas | Aveiro, Portugal


2 Semi-detached 4-bedroom houses

ARCHITECTURE: Arq.º Clóvis Lopes

ENGINEERING: Eng.º Bruno Rocha  

DESIGN: Gilberto Duarte

2017, October

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