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Evergreen | Phase III

The Evergreen design is modern and functional with a unique architectural form. This is a single-family house composed by two floors, where its interior was designed to include all the necessary facilities, separating the social areas from the private ones.

The building follows the latest trends in terms of residential architecture. The combination of white, grey and natural stone are characteristic elements of this type of architecture, combining an attractive and avant-garde design.


One of the peculiarities of this dwelling is its spatial amplitude, having, as an element of integration between the exterior and interior space, the green Guatemala natural stone in the living room, promoting the presence of natural elements. The designated areas to rest have three comfortable bedrooms, each with its own closet and private bathroom. This Evergreen house is a single family dwelling project very attentive to simplicity, detail and thermal comfort.


Rua do Brejo

Aradas | Aveiro, Portugal


1 Semi-detached 4-bedroom House


ARCHITECTURE: Arq.ª Sónia Cruz

ENGINEERING: Eng.º Bruno Rocha  

DESIGN: Sofia Santos

Under Construction [ 2017 ]

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